Uthralikkavu Pooram is a festival held at Shri Rudhiramahakalikav temple situated at Wadackanchery in Thalappilly taluk of Thrissur district in Kerala, South India. The temple is famed for its Pooram festival held during February / March every year. Uthralikkavu temple is some two kilometers away in the direction of north from Wadackanchery on the Kodungallore-Shoranur state highway. Just aside the Thrissur – Shoranur Railway line, amidst the paddy fields and surrounded by a chain of highlands and hills, the temple compound forms a rather arena-like stage where the Pooram and its associated features such as elephant procession, fireworks, percussion orchestra etc. would be held.
The Festival
The Vela invariably falls on the second ‘Tuesday of the month of Kumbham (February-March). It commences with the “Parapurappadu”, which is five days before the Pooram. “Para” is a measure of paddy or rice. The “Para” is placed beside a banana leaf laid out with plantains and flowers by the houses which have vowed the offering. All the houses which have vowed the offering are visited by temple officials assigned for the job with a miniature of the idol mounted on an elephant to the accompaniment of drums. Members of the family receive the idol with great solemnity and devotion and feel blessed by offering the Para. Para offerings are also a source of income to temples.

Velichapadu or Komaram (Oracle) is an institution peculiar to the Bhagawati or Devi temples. He is the man to interpret the moods and ways of the Bhagawathi, the man to move between the Bhagawathi and her devotees. He is her oracle. Her medium. Whenever a Bhagavathi is to be honoured or a ritual is to be performed in her name or her presence is to be established or she is to move in procession, he must be there as her representative. Through him the Bhagavathi speaks and comforts Her devotees.

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