Malankara Catholic Archdiocese of Tiruvalla
This church was built in 1972 ,The church building is structured to suit the liturgical orientation of an individual church. It is an example for all churches in a diocese.This church has a unique architectural design, which was done by an ingenious architect,the well sort after, Mr. Larry Becker.

The Arch Bishop of that time was attracted by this man’s talent in architectural designs and approached him with the proposition to design the Cathedral, which was yet to materialize in the heart of the town.

This cathedral is set up high on 12 pillars symbolizing after the 12 apostles of Christ. The pillars are positioned in a manner to shape the whole cathedral in to a wide circle. The stone walls reach a height of about 10 feet and the roof about 75 feet.The cross erected above the cathedral is about 25 feet in length.The Cathedral does not have pillars built in the central part, the dais is built such a manner that the believers who come to worship can have an unbroken view of the dais, standing any side of the cathedral.

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