No one would miss an opportunity to behold the grand spectacle of a procession of about 50 elephants dressed up in dazzling and colourful ceremonial attire. Come March visit Kodimoottil Bhagavathy Temple, at Paripally in Kollam district where you can feast your eyes with such a spectacle. Paripally Gajamela is part of the annual festival of the Kodimoottil Sree Bhagavathy Temple dedicated to goddess Bhadrakali. The word gajamela in Malayalam literally means an elephant-festival. Several cultural programmes will also be arranged as part of the event in the temple premise. The get-together of the elephants takes place on the last day of the ten-day festival.
Description: The Paripally Gajamela takes place at the Paripally Kodimootil Sree Bhadrakaali. Gaja is Sanskrit word means elephant and Mela means pageant of fair hence the name Gajamela .A unique practice observed during these festivities is the ritual offering, of elephants to deities as Nercha- offering. According to the popular belief an offering of elephants satisfies the deity and grants all the wishes of the devotees. The mega elephant pageant held as part of the annual festival on the tenth day of festivities dedicated to the Goddess Bhadrakali. About a 100 gorgeously caparisoned elephants are lined up for the event.

Time for celebration: The Paripally Gajamela is celebrated every year in February-March.

Venue: Kodimoottil Bhagavathy Temple, Paripally, Kollam district.
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