One of the prime religious centers in Pathanathitta District, Kadammanitta Bhadrakali temple is also popular with the 10-day long Padayani festival here. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. ‘Padayani’ is a ritualistic folk-art form endemic to the southern parts of Kerala. It is custom occurs in Bhadrakali temples. In Padayani, the dancers wear colourful painted masks and elegantly designed headgears and acts as Gods. The art form have several similarities with Theyyam, where the worship is made by invoking the immortal to the mortal body of the dancer. The Padayani performance is accompanied with a song namely ‘Padayanipattu’ (Songs of Padayani). The musical instruments uses in this art form are ‘Thappu’, ‘Chenda’, ‘Para’ and ‘Elathalam’. The dance is performed in remembrance of the mythological war between Goddess Bhadrakali and Darika Demon. The art form has both folk and martial elements in it. The performance falls during the month of ‘Meenam’ (March-April) and a must see in Kerala. The Kadammanitta Devi temple is located around 8 kilometers from the Pathanamthitta town and is easily accessible.

Venue: Kadammanitta Devi Temple, Pathanamthitta district.
Kadammanitta is famous for the Padayani performance at the Devi temple. The Padayani the ritual offering to the mother goddess is a burst of colour, energy and passionate devotion. The festival is celebrated every year from the first day of Malayalam month Medam (Aries) to the 10th day, called the Pathamudayam.

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