Imagine a grand spectacle where about 33 tuskers come together in a grand procession offering a spectacular visual delight. Interested? Then get your bags ready fort a trip to Kerala this coming March to savour a fabulous visual fiesta. Chinakkathoor pooram is the name of this festival of colours and tuskers, which is held annually at the Sree Chinakkathoor Bhagavathy Temple, Palappuram in the district of Palakkad in north Kerala. Just like all other festivals in Kerala, Chinakkathoor pooram is also alive with performances of the Panchavadyam or the traditional temple orchestra and various art forms like Vellattu, Theyyam, Poothanum thirayum, Kaalavela, Kuthiravela, Aandi Vedan, Karivela and so on. Tholppavakoothu, which is a ritualistic shadow puppetry is another highlight of the festival. Getting there: Nearest railway station: Ottappalam, about 5 km. Nearest airport: Coimbatore in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, about 85 km.

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