The Fog Resort and Spa Resort In Munnar

Fogg Resort and Spa is a luxury hotel in Munnar committed to deliver true hospitality for everyone by making you feel welcome and valued, wherever you are in the world. An idyllic holiday resort amidst the mountain ranges and valleys, Fogg has everything you need, to take a break from your hectic work life. The villas of Fogg are outfitted with thoughtful amenities and classic design elements that they look to be red-domed white huts in the virgin meadow of Munnar. This luxury hotel is the most renowned name in the province of Munnar hospitality for safeguarding and uplifting traditional values of Kerala. The Fogg is the perfect blend of simplicity and extravagance at it’s finest; with a sprawling landscape of lush greenery spanning miles to the sounds of the breeze embracing the beautiful hill tops and mountain ranges.
By providing unrivalled fusion of Indian hospitality, world-class service and modern luxury, this five star property focuses on becoming your favourite choice.

Chandys Windy Wood

Breathtaking vistas, mountain tops undulating into the distance, floating fluffy clouds set against a vivid blue summer sky with the distant promise of rain and a profound silence punctuated by the music of birds. Nestled in a grove of magnificent silver oak trees and set along the slope of a hill, Windy Woods is an epitome of luxury and fine living.

Tall Trees Resort In Munnar

Imagine a piece of heaven on earth where sunlight filters through a high canopy of leaves; where there’s joy in every breath and beauty as far as the eye can see; and peace permeates through the sounds of the wild… In the wooded high ranges of the Western Ghats in Kerala, hidden away in one of the world’s eight biodiversity hotspots, is a resort where you can not just live under tall trees, but experience life in the virgin countryside.


The Tall Trees has 26 cottages in an expansive area of 66 acres of land. Each cottage is independent, at a comfortable distance from the nearest one, built on stilts under decades-old trees so that the eco-system may be left untouched. Traditionally rustic Kerala themes are integrated with modern elements of comfortable living in the interior designing and furnishing. The thick vegetationensures the most uncongested and cleanest environment.